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Is this what Australia really thinks?

I’m shocked by some of the attitudes I’m discovering my fellow Australian’s hold.

I guess I knew, deep down, that not everyone held views like mine. Well, perhaps it’s not even that deep down – the state of our political landscape at the moment says a lot about it.

But as I typically surround myself with people who share (somewhat) similar views to me, suffice to say that my Facebook news feed is most commonly filled with images, campaign messages and advocacy for which I feel compelled to quickly hit “share”.

But every now and then I come across something that reminds me that my (and my cohort of similar-thinking friends) views are in fact a minority.

Tonight I had such an experience.

I was doing some googling to find some content to flesh out this blog (you can see it’s sparse – that’s because it’s brand new!). Upon searching Google images to find that infamous ‘seeking asylum is a human right’ poster, I came across some ‘spoofs’ of this campaign message.

These images remind me (not so fondly) of the narrow minded views that exist in our society and that I’m afraid may in fact be the majority view. It certainly is the view that’s being encouraged by our political leaders and the news media magnates who hold their purse strings.

Anyway, reading these makes me think it’s a timely reminder for the “change the conversation” training that Amnesty International ran in 2012. There are not any events planned as yet, but if you’re interested in attending one (which I certainly am), then head here and register your interest (be sure to tick ‘register for a conversation workshop’). With any luck there will be a surge of interest and they’ll plan another session.

Noelle Greenwood
Noelle Greenwood
Noelle is a communications and marketing consultant with a passion for social justice. She joined the Brisbane Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support Network in late 2013 as a way to contribute and give her skills to the community. Noelle's digital marketing expertise made her the perfect person to build this website and she regularly blogs her thoughts and stories here. Noelle is married to an even more expert digital marketer, Richard, and their baby girl Holly was born on Christmas day in 2012.
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