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Volunteers play a significant role in welcoming and supporting new Queenslanders. There are a variety of opportunities  for individuals and groups looking for opportunities to volunteer or provide support to an existing structured program or agency. From tutoring in english and adult conversation classes, to form filling and legal clinic, or housing support and welcome events, the possibilities are endless. If you want to be part of an organisation supporting new arrivals and making real community connections, please contact the organisations listed below.

If you are a part of an existing group or organisation you can also consider creating other opportunities or ways that you could “walk together” with refugees and asylum seekers in your community. You could do this through approaching a cultural community group, talking to a local settlement service provider or connecting with your church or faith based agency to find out what the needs might be in your community.

Community Leaders

Teach English

Offer Accommodation

Legal Support

Romero Asylum Seeker
Resource Centre
Volunteer Refugee Tutoring
and Community Support (VoRTCS)
Refugees Welcome Refugee and Immigration
Legal Service (RAILS)
Multicultural Development
UQ Volunteer Tutoring Romero Asylum Seeker
Resource Centre
Salvos Humanitarian Legal
Access Community Services Qld Program of Assistance
to Survivors of Torture
& Trauma (QPASTT)

There is a currently a great need in the greater Brisbane region for pro-bono legal support for people seeking asylum and refugees. In particular, there are people seeking asylum in the Brisbane region who are going through the process of claiming refugee status and are being forced to look interstate for representation, or in some cases are putting forward appeals or appearing in court unrepresented, making their chances of success very low. If you are able to offer some pro-bono support, please contact the Principal Legal Officer at RAILS.

Please see the BRASS Community Directory for an extensive list of additional organisations who may also require volunteers.


Thank you for making a difference to this community.

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