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Words that Work

In 2015, the ASRC decided they needed to find a better way to talk about people seeking asylum. They commissioned a multi-phase research project to uncover and test the ways they can put forward the most compelling case for a more humane approach to people seeking asylum. The result was an incredible piece of research and recommendations by renowned communications and linguistics expert Anat Shenker-Osorio (ASO Communications), Troy Burton (Commonality) and John Armitage (QDOS). It’s called  ‘Words that Work’.

Words that Work is the simple yet powerful findings of a conversation analysis that will drive  our advocacy in a new direction. A direction that will see us more effectively win the hearts and minds of the public.

The ASRC have been holding workshops across the country since early 2017 with great success. These workshops have focused on building our skills using the Words that Work research, to have persuasive values based conversations. 

A successful conversation with ‘Words that Work’ would be:

#1 Values Lead    #2 Use Deliberate and Active Language   #3 Treat Lightly on Sensitive Issues


To see the Words that Work research for yourself, and start to change the conversation, click here. Alternatively to get in contact and learn more, or to attend your next ‘Words that Work’ workshop, email the ASRC today.

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