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Your voice counts: demand change now

Advocacy is an important part of keeping the conversation alive and lobbying for change. Asylum seekers in our community deserve to be treated with the respect and dignity that we would like to be shown if we had to flee from our home and reach out a hand for help.

A number of the organisations who make up BRASS are active advocates and campaigners for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees in our community. Check out who’s doing what for some ideas of who to contact.

How to get involved today

  • Write to your local Federal Member or state Senator demanding a fair go for asylum seekers
  • Check out our BRASS Advocacy Toolkit for template letters and contact details

Important national campaigns

Some other ideas:

  • Sign petitions
  • Email, phone or visit your local Federal or State Member demanding a fair go for asylum seekers
  • Help us make sure the media is getting the facts right
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