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Why be an Advocate?

Advocating for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum is crucial to keeping the conversation alive and working towards a more outward looking, compassionate Australia. It’s everyday people joining together and speaking with one voice that brings torturers to justice, changes oppressive laws and frees people imprisoned just for voicing their opinion.

If you are interested in becoming an advocate for people seeking asylum and refugees, there are a number of things you can do!

Connect with Like-Minded Communities

The Refugee Action Collective Queensland are always looking for more support! RAC QLD works to inform and mobilise people in Brisbane and beyond to challenge Australian government policy and legislation that violates the human rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. 

See the Community Directory for list of other similar organisations.

Join Campaigns & Sign Petitions

You can also sign petitions such as this one spearheaded by ASRC or this one directly on GetUp! or this one from Amnesty International. Even better, sign all three. Don’t forget to share on social media as well!

Joining a national campaign such as ‘Bring Them Here’  is a great way to keep the conversation alive, advocate for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum, and lead to the reform of Australian policies.  

Contact Your Local MP

Writing a letter to or phoning your local MP is a powerful tool in lobbying for change. Snail mail is often treated more seriously than emails that are seen as part of an ’email campaign’. As such, if you have the time, please consider printing out your letter and posting it directly to those relevant ministers.

Although our public advocacy at the national level is important, raising issues as a ‘grassroots’ constituent and community member can have a powerful impact and shouldn’t be underestimated.

To help you write to your MP, the St Vincent De Paul Society have prepared a letter template in support of the ‘Close the Camps’ campaign which can be found here, or alternatively, BRASS have provided a template in support of ‘Removing Children from Detention’.

To find your local MP, click on this link  and type your postcode in the top right hand corner.

Peter Dutton, Immigration Minister
Parliamentary office (02) 56277 7860
Electorate office (07) 3205 9977

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister
Parliamentary office (02) 6277 7700
Electorate office (02) 9327 3988

Check out our BRASS Advocacy Toolkit for template letters, contact details, and more information.

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