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How can you give back?

Do you, your organisation, family, school or Church community want to engage more deeply with welcoming refugees and asylum seekers in your community but are not sure where to begin? There are a variety of opportunities  for individuals and groups looking for opportunities to volunteer or provide support to an existing structured program or agency.

These include a range of roles such as:

  • offering social support and friendship to families
  • assisting with English literacy and numeracy or tutoring
  • visiting people being detained in the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation (BITA)
  • helping to run recreational activities
  • becoming involved in advocacy or even hosting a party to say “Welcome to Australia.”

If you are a part of an existing group or organisation you can also consider creating other opportunities or ways that you could “walk together” with refugees and asylum seekers in your community. You could do this through approaching a cultural community group, talking to a local settlement service provider or connecting with your church or faith based agency to find out what the needs might be in your community.

Start an English conversation coffee group, invite people to join in your sporting or recreational events, arrange pooled transport to free family activities, or offer your facilities for community use – the possibilities are endless.

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