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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What does BRASS Stand for?  

BRASS stands for the Brisbane Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support (BRASS) network.


FAQ: What does BRASS do?
BRASS is a network of organisations. While we do not provide services directly to the refugees and people seeking asylum, we do act as a platform in which to link people, services and organisations with this community to better leverage skills and resources.

We aim to bring people together from across the community to better advocate for a more compassionate and outward looking Australia.


How Can I Volunteer?
As a network, BRASS does not typically require volunteers (unless of course you consider yourself pretty savvy with communications, social media and organising in which case we might have a spot for you!).  

Rather, we prefer to refer you to many members of the BRASS Network who do require volunteers. These organisations range from large corporations to small community run groups and provide an array or opportunities to help volunteer with refugees and people seeking asylum – from home tutoring to food drives, advocacy or legal aids, rally groups and vigils, we can help connect you to where you want to be.  

Check out our ‘Get Involved’ page to see where you can volunteer and make an immediate contribution! Join our mailing list to get updates on the latest news, events, and volunteer vacancies.


FAQ: How can I keep update to date with what’s going on?
Easy, get involved. You can do this in a number of ways: Brass has monthly meet ups on the last Friday of each month at Justice  Place, Abingdon Street, Woolloongabba from 10am- 12pm. Alternatively, you can check out our website, follow us on twitter, like us on facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news and events.


FAQ: How do I join the mailing list?
You can easily join our mailing list by clicking here. Don’t forget to let your friends know too!


FAQ: How do I get in touch?
Fantastic, we would love to hear from you! If you have a query, question or concern please email info@brassnetwork.org. Alternatively, if you would like to share some news or information with us, please email brass.comms@gmail.com.

We will be back in touch as soon as we can.


FAQ: Where can I donate furniture and other goods?
What a kind offer!

As we do not have the capacity to accept donations, we usually suggest you donate to the St Vincent de Paul or the Asthma Foundation. St Vincent de Paul do lots of good work in this space and provide free clothes and toys to refugees in need. Similarly, the Asthma Foundation also provide volunteer opportunities for people seeking asylum through a relationship with Multicultural Development Association (MDA).

There is also a facebook group called ‘Furniture, Accommodation & Work for Asylum Seekers and Refugees Bris and SEQ’ where you can share your furniture to donate. As this is a public page, we do remind you to be aware of privacy issues and encourage you to use private message to exchange contact details.

The other option is to host a garage sale and donate the proceeds to the Romero Centre or the Salvos Legal Asylum Seeker Clinic.

FAQ: I need legal support. Can you refer me to someone?
The best referral point for claims for refugee status is either:

They both run free advice clinics and are the only specialised ones of this type in Queensland.


FAQ: I am looking for employment in this sector. Can you help me?
The social justice sector is a wonderfully connected, encouraging community and we welcome everyone who wishes to be part!

As BRASS is a network only run by volunteers, we do not have any positions on offer. However we can direct you to a number of organisations that might be useful. We recommend you take a look at the Community Directory on our website to see where you may be best suited to seek employment.

We also encourage you to join our mailing list, as we do help to promote employment and other opportunities that we hear about from time to time.


FAQ: I need help but I am outside Australia?
We are terribly sorry but we are unable to help people to apply for visa outside of Australia. We recommend you look at services provided by the Australian Government (sadly very limited) as well as enquire with settlement agencies.  


FAQ: We have a project / are doing research and want to let people know about it?
Great! Provide us with a short summary of the project and we will include it in our newsletter and share on our Facebook page! We also have a monthly BRASS meeting on the last every Friday of every month if you are interested in coming along to network and let people know about your project.


FAQ: Where offers short term housing for refugees or people seeking asylum?
Unfortunately, short term housing is very limited. If you are a refugee or person seeking asylum and looking for this type of accommodation we suggest you take a look at the ‘Housing’ options contained in our directory. Your best option may be to contact the Romero Asylum Seeker Centre, Refugees Welcome or the Acting Housing Manager at Multicultural Development Association.

Alternatively, there is the possibility that if you have a granny flat or seperate residence to rent at no or low cost, then the Romero Asylum Seeker Centre could very much use it to help house someone who is homeless, rough sleeping or couch surfing. Contact them directly to sign up to the link below to join our news and keep an eye on the social media, we will let people know as needs and circumstances change.

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